What is EduLink?

EduLink fills in the missing gap between education and its relatability to real life through two main streams.

  1. We link schools to guest speakers who provide hands-on workshops. Students experience different work possibilities and how it relates to their studies, paving the way for them to realize their own potential. It is our aim that speaker workshops eventually influence teachers to adopt new, engaging ways od delivering curriculum content.
  2. We arrange field trips for students to visit multiple organizations, enabling students to feel how their studies translate to the real world. It opens the doors to experience what lies beyond the school. Field trips complement guest speaker workshops to give students a holistic experience.

We are partnered with WISE and have launched workshops in a public school in Qatar and TeachForQatar Summer Camp.


Motivate students to learn through bringing education to life and life to education.


Filling in the missing gap between education and its relatability to real life. We do this through two main streams. One, the guest speaker workshops. We link the schools and teachers to guest speakers who provide hands on workshops. These workshops provide the students with a taste of what it is like to do the work the guest speaker does, as well as experience how the guest speaker’s work relates to what they study in school. The guest speakers act as role model figures to the students helping them realize their own potential. In addition, the speaker workshops will eventually influence teachers to adopt their engaging way of delivering the content through the constant exposure to engaging speakers from different fields. Two, we arrange field trips for the students to organizations. The field trips will give the students a sense of how their studies translates to the real world. It will also expose them to what lies beyond the school walls. The field trips would complement the guest speaker workshops.

Working Model



We were provided the support of the The Learners’ Voice Program. The Program was established in 2010 to engage the views and creative energies of young people in addressing pressing global education issues and challenges. The current Learners’ Voice community comprises over 100 Learners from many countries representing diverse backgrounds and disciplines but all share a passion for education.

The Program is a yearlong executive education program that aims to bring the perspectives of young people to the challenge of rethinking education, and equips them to take on leading roles in their fields and in the world of education. It focuses on building knowledge of education, social entrepreneurship, leadership, and communication skills.

This program is delivered in partnership Yale World Fellows (Yale School of Management), Babson College and other leading organizations in the education sector.

One of the program's requirements is for learners form teams develop, and undertake an international project related to education.