Petroleum Engineers Creating a Different World

Client: Hafsa Indepandent School
"I learned a lot, and changed my mind about what it means to be an engineer. God willing, I'll be a Petroleum Engineer in the future." -Anonymous Student

7th grade students are known for many things. Hafsa Independant School's 7th graders are now known for one more thing–having a basic understanding of Petroleum Engineering. Guest speaker Mais Taha, who graduated from Texas A&M university and has been working with Maersk Qatar, gave an engaging workshop where students tried pumping water out of water bottles using only a straw. Students also learned the importance of mathematics and science, classes they take on a daily basis, in accomplishing what Petroleum Engineers accomplish every day. Understanding the relevance of their classes alongside what it means to be an engineer has motivated them to make sure they're focused on their studies.