Finance in Law

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Client: Public Middle School - Qatar
"I feel happy and excited to work hard in school, because school is life."
_Anonymous student (from survey feedback following the workshop)

Noora Al-Mannai (finance graduate) and Nayla Al-Musallam (lawyer) joined forces to conduct a unique workshop relating education to the fields of finance and law, along with relating the two fields to one another. Noora shared with the students her love for math and how it led her to choose to continue her studies in finance. She also explained how she uses math in allocating the ministry's budget. She gave the students an exercises were they were given an amount of money and had to decide how to best use it to serve their needs. Nayla further related what the students studied in the Information Systems class on Patent Laws to real cases in Qatar. She also explained how it applies to her job as a lawyer. They concluded their session with money theft cases which the students classified and followed with a court role play.