• Bringing education to life and life to education

    Bringing education to life and life to education

    Our workshops introduce guest speakers to provide hands-on activities to give students a taste of the working world, and the endless possibilities in the world.

  • Stepping into the world, together

    Stepping into the world, together

    We arrange field trips to share with students how studies manifest in different organizations beyond the classroom.

Learn beyond the curriculum

Each guest speaker shares their experiences with engaging activities for students to learn from.

Motivation, the missing piece

Our workshops aim to fill the gap between education and its relatability to real life.

Unlocking student potential

To see is to believe, and once students see our speakers acting as role models in their respective fields, they will realize their own potential.

Our Portfolio

We specialize in bringing education to life.

EduLink fills in the missing gap between education and its relatability to real life through two main streams.

  1. We link schools to guest speakers who provide hands-on workshops. Students experience different work possibilities and how it relates to their studies, paving the way for them to realize their own potential. It is our aim that speaker workshops eventually influence teachers to adopt new, engaging ways of delivering curriculum content.
  2. We arrange field trips for students to visit multiple organizations, enabling students to feel how their studies translate to the real world. It opens the doors to experience what lies beyond the school. Field trips complement guest speaker workshops to give students a holistic experience.

We are partnered with WISE and have launched workshops in a public middle school in Qatar and TeachForQatar Summer Camp. Contact us to organize a free session for your school.

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